Digital Signage in the Washroom

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Digital signage, it seems, is ubiquitous. From shopping centres to outdoor digital signage along the high street, advertising and information screens seem to be everywhere. And thanks in part to LCD enclosures, which protect LCD screens from weather, dust, hot, cold and other elements, digital screens are now venturing even into bathrooms, washrooms and other wet-rooms.

Placing a TV in a bathroom or washroom is not a new idea, bathroom TVs have been around for years but are very expensive due to them needing to be waterproof and isolated; as electricity and water do not mix.

A lot of businesses such as nightclubs and leisure areas have always embraced washroom advertising. There are two very good reasons for this: firstly, nearly everybody who spends more than a couple of hours at a location will eventually visit the washroom. Secondly, when people are in a washroom they are known as a captive audience as they have little choice but to see the advertisements.

And for home use, people who enjoy a good soak in the bath often consider a bathroom TV to make the experience even more pleasurable.

The problem, however, in employing a screen in this sort of area is that while the cost of LCD screens has fallen dramatically over the last few years, waterproof TVs don’t seem to be following suit and it can be a costly businesses placing a screen in a washroom or bathroom, but it doesn’t need to be:

A waterproof LCD enclosure is a cost effective and simple way of securing a flat-screen TV such as a modern LCD, plasma, or back-lit LED into a washroom or bathroom.

The great thing about LCD enclosures is that as they house standard devices the cost is far lower than specific bathroom TVs, and not only will these LCD cabinets protect the screen from water but for nightclubs, were rowdiness could be a concern; they provide impact and vandal protection too so the investment can be left protected.

Digital Signage in a bathroom

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