Digital Signage in Washdown Locations

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Advertising is not the only reason people turn to digital signage. Using LCD screens for relaying information is far more effective and flexible than traditional methods.

Warnings, quotas and stock control levels can be displayed in a far more engaging way and as information can be displayed and altered automatically, digital screens provide a useful communication tool for many applications

However, using TV screens is not always practical in some areas, particularly in industry where hazards used in the processes can damage something as sensitive as an electronic or LCD display.

Wash down and hose down areas are one example. For any TV screen to be used in a wet area such as these then it needs to be protected from the water.

Waterproof LCD TVs that are manufactured to standards such as European IP 65 ratings or NEMA 4 (USA) but these can cost several thousands of pounds which may seem not worth the investment for something that is just supplying information and not able to create a return on the initial investment.

There is another method though which enables inexpensive LCD screens, most commonly used for TV entertainment, to be used in hazardous areas such as washdown environments.

Waterproof LCD enclosures are a cost effective and simple solution for using TV screens in wet or wash down environments. They are often manufactured to the same IP (IP65) or NEMA 4 rating as a waterproof LCD screen but as they house standard devices they cost a fraction of the price. And as the LCD enclosure is waterproof it can withstand wash down ensuring that whatever screen is being displayed in the wet environment will remain free from potential hazardous water ingress.

Waterproof LCD enclosures are a simple and flexible method of bringing modern flatscreen TV devices such as LCD or plasma into wet, wash down or hostile locations.

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