Digital Signage Jargon Deciphered

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As a new industry digital signage is littered with acronyms, abbreviations and technical cant that it can often be difficult to understand what is meant.

The phrase digital signage is a good example, few people outside the industry refer to the use of TV screens for advertising, information and promotion as digital signage, with terms such as electronic billboard, digital poster or electronic sign more commonly used.

Here is a list of common terms associated with the digital signage market and what they mean:

Aspect ratio – the scale of a TV screen. Traditionally they were all 4:3 now there are various widescreen formats.

Captive Audience Network – a network of screens that addresses an audience that is captured in a specific area – this can be a point of sale queue, on a train or in a bathroom.

Content – the images, advertisements and text displayed on the screen.

CRT – Cathode Ray Tube, the precursor to LCDs

DooH – Digital out of home, often referred to as the official moniker of the industry. Dooh refers to the use of digital TV equipment taken out of the home; another word for digital signage.

HD-TV – High definition television which offers improved picture quality and resolution.

Impressions – the number of people that view your digital sign.

JPEG – a file format often used for pictures and photographs.

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display, the most common technology employed in flat panel TVs.

LCD Enclosure – a protective, waterproof and weather-poof enclosure to house LCD TVs so they can be used outdoors.

Narrowcasting – the resultant images displayed on the screen. Different to broadcasting where the content goes everywhere and is picked up by anyone with a receiver, narrowcasting is content that is aimed at specific locations and audiences.

Outdoor Digital Signage – Screens used for digital signage placed in an outdoor location.

PNG – a picture file format that permits transparency.

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