Digital Signage Made Simple – Taking the headache out of digital advertising

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Whilst the continued growth of the digital signage industry is a strong sign that more people are using display screens for advertising purposes, there are still many put off by the technicalities of digital advertising.

Many small to medium sized business are often uncompelled to embark on digital signage because of the need to out source nearly every aspect of the digital advertising campaign.

This is a shame as the advantages of digital advertising for small and medium sized businesses are great and no other media can reach such high numbers of people for the same cost, and it does have to be too technical either – there are methods of embarking on digital signage that require little of no technical expertise at all.

Digital Posters

These are perhaps the easiest method of getting involved in digital signage. A digital poster consists of everything you need to run a digital advert – barring the content. The LCD screen, available in a wide range of sizes, comes with an internal media player that allows content to be uploaded via USB.

Digital posters can be easily mounted and normally come with a bracket that is VESA compatible meaning they can be mounted and used by virtually anyone.

Standalone Digital Advertising Screen

Standalone digital advertising displays

Another plug and play digital signage option is a standalone advertising display. These are similar than the digital poster in that they also contain a media player and are a turn-key solution but rather than being mounted flat against a wall they are free standing.

Outdoor digital signage – LCD enclosures

For an easy outdoor solution an LCD enclosure will allow a standard LCD screen and media player to be protected in an outdoor location preventing the need for expensive outdoor devices. They also offer protection to enable secure use in an unsupervised location.

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