Digital Signage on a Budget

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Digital signage is one of the most common exhortations in marketing. Advertisers, promoters and retailers all swear by this modern and dynamic approach to marketing. Digital signage is currently one of the fastest growing industries; buoyed by the ever decreasing cost of flat screen technologies.
Despite this falling cost, digital signage can still be an expensive investment – especially as the return on investment can be difficult to establish.
But digital signage doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking; there are many methods for utilising signage screen for promotion, advertising or brand awareness.

Digital Posters are stylish and cost effective

Digital posters

Digital posters are a simple step on to the digital signage ladder. A digital poster is just a flat screen device like an LCD that is designed to be as slim as possible allowing it to be mounted flat against a wall – just like a conventional poster.

Digital posters are easy to install and content can be uploaded via a small media player of flash drive – they can also be networked together and provide perhaps the most cost effective solution for anybody wanting to install or try out an indoor digital signage screen.

Outdoor digital signage

Placing a screen outside is more of a challenge. Digital posters are not designed for external use – just as most LCD screens are not either.

Outdoor screens are highly expensive and for anybody unsure of the potential ROI or wanting to test the water it is an unreasonable investment.

A cost effective solution is available though, in the shape of an LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures house standard LCD screens from a wide range of styles, sizes and manufacturers. They provide a waterproof housing allowing any of the standard devices to be taken outside and used in any weather conditions.

With an LCD enclosure and a standard LCD TV device – outdoor digital signage can be achieved at a fraction of the cot of using an outdoor or waterproof TV.

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