Digital Signage on the Railways

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The railways in many parts of the world have always been central to the transportation systems. Furthermore, the railways hold a nostalgia and special place in people’s lives other transport networks have never been able to reproduce.

The railways are also one of the keenest implementers of digital signage compared to any other industry from the earliest days of using digital out of media for advertising and information it was the railways that first implemented it.

The railways use digital signage for three different purposes:

Providing information – And it could be argued that they were one of the first industries to use TV screens for use out of home. Railway stations have always needed to provide information and even before the development of flat screen televisions, monitors were being used to provide timetabling information. Now most railway stations have a digital signage system that relays when a train is due and to arrive or depart.

Advertising – Because of the amount of people that still rely on the railways and the central role they play in the network infrastructure, billboards and posters along railway lines have always been sought after by advertisers. Now outdoor digital signage systems are being erected on platforms increasing the effectiveness of this sought after advertising space.

Keeping travellers occupied – Another use for digital signage that can be combined with advertising has been well adopted by the railways and that is using digital signage screens for entertaining commuters.

Not only can entertainment programmes be run on the digital signage screens in the carriage but also advertising can be added to the content allowing the railways to offset the cost of the devices by gaining advertising revenue.

The railways are one are where digital advertising and outdoor digital signage has really benefitted the industry providing extra streams of revenue as well as providing a better service for commuters.

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