Digital Signage out in the Sticks – Rural Uses of Signage Screens

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We are all now used to seeing digital out of home media in nearly all our cities and towns. From retail parks and shopping malls to gas stations and outdoor digital signage screens – this exciting new media is everywhere.

But it’s not just our urban conurbations that digital signage screens are being utilized. Now, even out in the countryside, digital screens are being utilized for all sorts of reasons.

While advertising is not the primary concern in these sparsely populated areas, digital signage has other advantages and uses which is why it is now springing up all over the countryside.

Signage Screens in Farming

Agriculture has embraced digital signage to provide real-time information for workers. Feeding and agricultural schedules can now be displayed over large estates where communication has always been challenging. This increases efficiency of their processes, cutting down on waste and man hours.

Signage Screens for Roadside warnings

Another use for digital signage has been as warning signs, particularly in areas where inclement weather or natural occurrences such as land slips can cause hazards. Digital signage allows motorists in the back of beyond to receive real-time warning if there has been an incident ahead.

Signage Screens for Diners and roadside businesses

Mom and Pop stores in urban locations are finding the advantage of digital signage in several ways. They can not only supply advertising content in their gas stations and diners but also digital signage can be used to draw customers to a business as it is more noticeable and eye-catching than a similar static sign.

Importance of Protection of Digital Signage Screens

Outdoor digital signage and screens placed in industrial areas like agricultural buildings are going to need protection. Most signage screens housed in these sorts of areas are enclosed in waterproof and rugged LCD enclosures.

These not only protect the screen from water but also present other harmful elements like dust, straw and dirt from getting inside. LCD enclosures are also solidly built from steel ensuring a ruggedness to protect against accidental (and deliberate) damage.

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