Digital Signage Posters – Advertising that Comes Alive

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There is much to consider when it comes to implementing digital signage. Most importantly, there is the content; which needs to be attractive an eye catching but also the digital signage display itself needs to be pleasing to the eye.

A simple, sleek and unobtrusive digital signage poster can be the perfect solution for ensuring content is attractively displayed.

Digital signage posters are exactly as they sound. A flat screen TV device, normally LCD, enclosed in a sleek and stylish slim enclosure that can be wall mounted, like a conventional 2D poster.

These wall mounted digital posters are an attractive solution for any digital advertising campaign. With a self contained media player these are a simple to set-up any self-produced or bought content.

Digital posters have numerous uses from digital menu boards to advertising products but their biggest advantage is their start-up cost. Digital posters are very cost-effective method of implementing digital signage as the initial outlay is quite small.

Most digital posters on the market are unfortunately only designed for indoor use but some manufactures can produce outdoor digital posters which are sealed to NEMA 4 and IP 66 ensuring no water or moisture can damage the screen.

This makes them ideal for outside restaurants as digital menu boards or entertainment locations like night clubs and bars. They are far more eye-catching than standard signage and as the initial outlay is low they can make almost any building frontage stand out.

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