Digital Signage – Preventing it from Becoming Hidden

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a href=””>Digital signagehas been around for quite some time now in some locations. The advertisings screens we see around retail stores, gas stations and airports have become long-standing fixtures, but a common problem for these well-established displays is all too common to see.

 Store Digital SignageOften, when paying for gas or buying a magazine at a convenience store, the screen that is meant to be promoting and advertising has, over time, become cluttered and virtually hidden away amongst sale items.

These screens all too easily become forgotten about, and as a consequence, soon become surrounded by items that distract attention from the screen, hiding it way and preventing it from doing what it was intended – gaining people’s attention.

A screen hidden away behind a chewing gum stand or cash register just won’t have any impact, as digital signage needs space to function properly.

With standard retail displays, the kind seen in gas stations and the like, it is all too easy for these to become lost in clutter, but different digital signage solutions can prevent this problem, ensuring the display always prominent and able to engage the customer.

The most prominent form of digital advertising display are those that stand alone. These floor-standing displays, also known as totems or kiosks, become an actual feature in the store. Furthermore, because of the freestanding nature of the units, it’s virtually impossible for clutter to make them invisible.

While they require floor space, often a valuable commodity in retail units, the prominent nature of the floor standing digital signage displays mean that the effectiveness at garnering attention and engaging the customer means they are more effective at displaying promotional content, making it more likely the content will generate sales.

And the units that hold the screen don’t just have to be plain, either. The totem stands can also have branding and promotional material on them that complements the messages displayed on the screen.

They are also more easily moved and repositioned than wall mounted displays, with the whole unit able to be lifted up and transported to another location. Ideal spots for these sorts of digital signage displays are near entrances, where they become the first thing people see when entering a store (and can also catch the eye of passersby and window shoppers) and near point of sale checkouts, where people waiting in line become a captive audience to the screen’s content.

Various designs and sizes of floor standing displays are available, and with a unit that can have corporate branding on it, the display stand can be designed to match the decor and themes of a retail premise.

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