Digital Signage System for Tourist Attractions

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One area where digital signage has really taken off is providing information and entertainment at theme parks, zoos, museums and other tourist attractions. Digital signage has filled a gap in the leisure industry where each year millions of people who visit these places, often spend considerable time queuing or standing in front of exhibits.

This ‘captured’ audience is perfect for digital signage which can be used to keep people entertained in queues, provide information about exhibits and also be used to advertise or relay important messages.

Of course, many tourist attractions are outside which means whatever TV equipment is used for providing digital messages needs to be well protected from the weather and the general public.

Waterproof LCD enclosures are perhaps the best solution for placing a flat screen plasma or LCD TVs outdoors. LCD enclosures are more often than not manufactured according to International and National standards such as IP54 (Europe) and NEMA 4 (North America).

These outdoor digital signage systems also contain cooling and heating systems to ensure the ambient temperature inside the LCD enclosure is kept at an optimum. They can also accommodate Touchscreen devices to allow interactivity in the signage system.

The screens too are often fitted with anti-glare and tinted glass to ensure they will work just as well in bright sunshine as well as in torrential rain.

The waterproof LCD enclosures are ideal for any outdoor location and are manufactured for sizes ranging from 24” to 70” allowing the use of virtually any commercial LCD or plasma screen outside and these devices are already in used in tourist attractions across North America, Asia and Europe and Africa.

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