Digital Signage – Transforming Sport Stadia

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Sport is a big money industry. Media rights, sponsorship and merchandising make up far more of professional sports club’s total revenue, than ticket sales or event prize money.

There are plenty of opportunities for advertisers and sponsors to generate money in sports venue too and digital out of home, in particular outdoor digital signage is one method being deployed.

Stadiums are full of people, some of the larger football and rugby events can see crowd attendances in the tens thousands with big matches such as the cup final seeing figures hit the 100,000 mark.

Outdoor digital signage is great for stadiums as it not only allows sponsors and advertisers generate revenue, but the technology can provide useful information, too.

Screens deployed in concourses and ticket queues can multi-task. As an example, ticket sales information can be displayed on screens before the match starts, while at half time, vendors can advertise the various snacks and refreshments on offer.

Screens can also be used to relay live feeds of all the on pitch action too. This prevents people missing that vital goal if they have to go to the bathroom.

And outdoor signage screens play a big part in the whole visitor experience too. Most stadiums now deploy giant sized screens to aid the viewing abilities. In the USA, the Dallas Cowboys have one of the largest HD screens in the world suspended above their pitch, allowing the crowd to see close ups of the action.

Some stadium are looking into the possibility of using screens in the back of seats – much like airline TV – a possibility that is ever increasing due to the falling cost of the technology.

Pitch-side sponsorship is relying on outdoor digital signage too. By using screens to display the sponsor’s messages around the pitch – with the prospect of the advertisements being noticed on the television feeds – multiple sponsors and adverts can be displayed on the same device, maximizing the potential revenue from this valuable marketing area.

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