Digital Signage TVs in Gyms and Sports Venues

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Since the rise of the LCD and plasma televisions, flatscreen TVs are now a common sight out of the home. We are all used to seeing digital signage and advertising in shopping centres and malls, and TVs are being installed in outdoor locations too, for entertainment in pubs and bars – not to mention outdoor digital signage.

One out of home area that is growing in popularity for the installation of these screens is in sports venues, leisure centres and gymnasiums.

The great advantage of using screens in these locations is that they can be dual purpose. For gymnasiums were there is a captive audience that can be a real boon as you can not only display entertainment to keep the gym users amused while working out, but they can also be used to display tailored advertisements.

Sports halls too are using the technology for similar reasons.  Whether it’s basketball, ice-hockey or another indoor sporting event, the screens can be used for a similar dual purpose: providing information such as the games current scores while also displaying advertisements and sponsorship.

The demands on the screens in these sorts of areas are harsher than for regular indoor use, however. Many of these locations are quite humid which requires some forethought to ensure condensation doesn’t make its way in the screen.

LCD enclosures have been deployed successfully in such areas as their waterproofing ability and air filtration systems allow even standard screens to be used in such locales.

By implementing digital signage not only are gym and sports halls finding the added entertainment encourages use of the facilities, the extra revenue generated by dual purpose advertising is an added finance stream that can be used to offset the installation costs of the screens.

LCD enclosures are helping the world of digital signage and digital out of home expand into new territories thanks to its protective and durable qualities.

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