Display Screens in Industry – Using LCD TVs in Industrial Locations

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It is fairly common these days to see modern flat screen TVs such as LCD or plasmas, out of the home and used for other purposes than entertainment such as advertising and information.

Digital advertising is even prevalent in outdoor locations with outdoor digital signage now a common sight along high streets and in town centres but there are other locations where flat screen devices can prove advantageous.

As many industrial and factory locations are now automated and computer controlled, providing data and information feeds is often important for machine operators and workers. Digital signage can be useful in these locations too with company information easily distributed amongst workers, as can order, sales content and other work related data.

But the challenges of placing a screen in industrial locations can be just as challenging as using a screen in an outdoor location. There, the weather is the biggest threat to the reliability of a screen and any outdoor digital signage display has to be waterproof and able to resist the weather. However, in industrial locations there are even more harmful elements that can disable a screen and for successful use the screen needs to be protected against all of them.

Liquids – as with outdoor digital signage there can be a prevalence of water and other liquids in industrial locations. Any LCD screen operating in such an area will need to have waterproof abilities.

Dust – a common problem with screens in factory locations is the amount of dust present. Dust can cause all sorts of problems from overheating to short circuiting and has to be kept out of the workings of an LCD screen

Impacts – equipment in industrial areas also suffer a higher risk of being struck by an impact so physically protection is vital in these sorts of locations.

Temperature – and temperatures can vary from very cold to extremely hot depending on the industrial processes that are happening in the location so ensuring the LCD is kept at the manufacturers optimum is also important.

Protection for a screen used in an industrial location is readily available in the guise of an LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures, commonly used as protection for outdoor digital signage can provide al the protection required for a screen tasked with operating in dusty and wet industrial locales too.

Factory locations can be dusty

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