Does Digital Signage Increase Sales?

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With digital signage being so prevalent in stores, shopping malls and other retail outlets, the assumption made by most people is that digital signage helps increase sales. After all, with so many screens about it must do, mustn’t it?

Digital signage can boost sales if the right approach is taken

Unfortunately, it is all too common for retailers to make the assumption that installing a screen in their store, or even utilizing an outdoor digital signage campaign will automatically increase sales. However, digital signage is not a magic bullet that will automatically have people flocking to the tills, there is far more to a successful digital signage campaign than that.

And of course, installing digital signage displays involves an initial investment, which any increase in sales needs to cover, so getting wrong can actually cause a decrease in profit, not an increase.

But digital signage can increase sales if the right approach is taken and there are several aspects to making a digital signage campaign successful.

Add Value

Any digital signage screen shouldn’t just pump out advertising to a consumer. Consumers are constantly bombarded by adverts and know how to disengage from them. A good campaign needs to add value to a consumers shopping experience.

In fashion stores, for instance, rather than just display promotional items or new stock, a successful campaign may introduce consumers to the latest designs, provide information where they come from and when they came into stock (nobody wants to be wearing last years fashion items), and introduce the benefits or attributes of a particular line.

Provide Information

Another method of adding value to a customer’s experience is providing relevant information. The relevancy is important, a consumer in a fashion store doesn’t need to know what’s being sold in the restaurant upstairs, but may be interested in when the next lines of stock are arriving.

Other information that can add value to the shopping experience could be relevant industry news, featured content on (to keep with the fashion example) how to tie a bow tie, or what shoes go with what particular lines.

Engage the Consumer

Any digital signage campaign needs also to provide content that is engaging and eye-catching, utilising the medium at its fullest. Moving images work well indoors, less well outside, while colours, transitions and other effects will make content look far more exciting than just static advertising images.

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