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The digital signage industry can be a complicated one. The term digital signage, isn’t very self-explanatory and the industry is littered with jargon and acronyms: Dooh (digital out of home), VPN Virtual Private Network, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), CPM (Cost per thousand), narrowcasting, virtual networks, location-based advertising, dynamic content, menusharing … the list goes on.

The logistics of digital signage is also highly complex, with the need to install screens, content platforms and networks; the complexities of the industry are often what puts people off from getting involved.

Fortunately,  publishers John Wiley & Sons, the producers of the much beloved “For Dummies” series that has simplified everything from Microsoft Excel to Rocket Science, have turned their attention to the Dooh industry.

Digital Signs & Displays for Dummies is the latest book in the range, that already has over 1,600 titles, and furthermore, copies are free. Sponsored by digital signage software firm, Scala, who are giving the book away on their website, Digital Signs & Displays for Dummies is aimed at marketing and communications professionals.

Written in plain English, by author Steve Kaelble, he explains the fundamentals of digital signage in an easy-to-read manner that has made the for Dummies range so popular.

The book outlines ways to target messages and how, where and when to deliver them. The book also explains how to generate dynamic content, manage key performance indicators and improve the effectiveness of corporate communications.

Kaeble writes: “Digital signs and displays are much more than just billboards or posters. They combine content from virtually any source to connect to a wide variety of displays for a highly impactful interactive communications experience. Digital signs and displays can inform and influence audiences to promote products, provide directions, explain corporate benefits, reinforce branding, manage key performance indicators and much more.”

The book is free from Scala and covers nearly everything from installation, content, outdoor digital signage and networking. Ideal for anybody thinking of embarking down the digital signage route, Digital Signs & Displays for Dummies is long overdue in an industry that often seems to enjoy making itself appear more complicated than necessary.

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