Emergency Narrowcasting – Using Outdoor Screens

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Digital out of home (Dooh) has become prevalent. It is not just indoors where digital screens are being used either; outdoor digital signage and digital public information screens are becoming as widespread as their indoor counterparts are.

But digital advertising is not the only use for outdoor screens they are serving an even more important function – providing emergency life saving and crucial information.

Natural Disasters

There are many areas in the world susceptible to natural disasters. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and volcanoes can affect thousands of people – causing until loss of life and misery.

Outdoor digital signage has many advantages over other forms of media often relied upon to provide warnings and emergency information. Often, when warnings are issued, media like television and radio have to be employed but these are only effective if all people in the area are tuning in.

Outdoor digital signage provides real time emergency information so when the screens are located in an area that a natural disaster is expected to hit, people in the vicinity can be made aware – even if they have no access to a TV or radio.

Road warnings

Digital outdoor signage is also being implemented on highways and roads. As an extension of the current electronic warning signs deployed on freeways, outdoor screens are being erected on less driven highways to provide information in areas where there is a lack of facilities. The number of accidents on a perilous bend, the distance to the next gas station or a forthcoming road or bridge closure are just some examples of how the displays can be used.

Life Saving Equipment

Another interesting idea being trialed in Budapest, Hungary, is the installation of essential life-saving equipment in an outdoor digital signage kiosk.

In this particular example, an automatic external defibrillator device is installed inside the double-sided portrait enclosure.

The Budapest kiosk equipped with life-saving equipment

The idea is that the kiosk will become a known life saving point and if somebody succumbs to a heart attack in the street, passers-by have the opportunity to perhaps, save a life that might otherwise have perished in the wait for an ambulance.

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