Employing Outdoor Digital Signage to Increase Customers

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A common misconception with digital signage is that it boosts sales. A lot of retailers place screens inside stores, run adverts on them and expect that their customers will suddenly buy more products from their store.

Outdoor digital signage can increase customers

The truth is, the people inside the store already have an agenda, that’s the reason they came in the first place. Digital signage may help steer them to promotional items, manipulate their buying habits or imprint a future purchasing idea in their memory, but most customers visit a store for a particular reason and no amount of digital signage will make them part with more cash than they planned to.

Increasing sales in any retail environment means that you need to increase customers, and digital signage can help achieve this, but to work, you have to take the signs outside.

Unlike instore signage, which is only viewed by existing customers, outdoor digital signage has a far wider audience. A screen placed outside a store will be viewed by those passing by, driving past, and of course, those intending to visit the store too.

Of course, to persuade people walking past to divert into the store requires engaging, relevant and eye-catching content—and most of all an appealing message, but you have more chance of increasing customers by using an outdoor digital signage display than just relying on instore promotion.

Outdoor digital signage does involve different challenges, though. No longer do you have the luxury of customers browsing inside viewing the screen for several seconds; the dwell time is much shorter.

For this reason, outdoor content need to be direct, the main message needs to be simple and to the point and it also needs to be bold.

Using an outdoor display does involve more investment, not just on the basic hardware—screen and media player—but also on the protection of the device. Outdoor screens need weatherproofing and often some form of physical protection too.

An LCD enclosure is an ideal solution for an outdoor digital signage screen. Not only do LCD enclosure provide comprehensive protection, from the elements and physically, but they simplify outdoor digital signage, allowing standard screens to be taken outside and they even have space ot protect the media player too.

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