Energy Consumption for Outdoor Digital Signage has Dropped Dramatically

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Establishing a clear return on investment is a key aspect for many people embarking on digital signage.

Digital signage has many advantages in comparison to static media, including cost-saving ones, such as not having to paste new content up manually, with content for a digital signage display uploaded instantly and remotely.

Power consumption, however, is one cost disadvantage commonly cited against digital signage, and in particular outdoor digital signage with the need for added climatic systems. Furthermore, not only does powering a screen cost money, but also in such environmental conscientious times is not very eco-friendly.

Power consumption for outdoor digital signage, however, has dropped dramatically in recent years, according to recent analysis.

A worldwide consulting firm analysed digital billboards in the United States and discovered that over last four years, energy consumption has declined by 61 percent, while energy consumption for outdoor digital posters has declined by 40 percent over the same period.

The analysis, sponsored by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and conducted by Louis Berger Group (LBG), based in Morristown, NJ, discovered several reasons for the decline in energy consumption for outdoor digital signage, including:

  • Introduction of Brightness controls, reducing brightness at night and reducing energy consumption.
  • Increased use of climatic systems that reduce the need for power-hungry air conditioning.
  • Better technology of LCD screens, such as LED backlights, which reduce actual screen consumption by 75 percent or less.

Climatic systems that control the temperature of LCD screens in outdoor digital signage are not only essential to reduce power consumption, but also to ensure the prolonged life of the screen. A screen too hot or too cold will expire in far less time than one kept in the correct temperature range.

Providing a decent digital signage enclosure equipped with cooling fans and other climatic systems is one method of ensuring prolonged and efficient outdoor digital signage.


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