Finding and Eliminating the Hidden Costs of Digital Signage

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Digital signage has become a popular form of marketing and promotion. Initially an expensive endeavor, the falling price of LCD and plasma screens and the increasing availability of content platforms and turnkey solutions like digital posters has now made it a more accessible media.

And while the costs of implementing digital signage are falling all the time, many businesses and advertisers who embark on digital signage for the first time are often stung by hidden costs.

Planning a digital signage campaign is vital before you begin and while establishing the costs of the TV, software, content management hardware, protection, cabling and installation costs is straightforward, there can be a myriad of other costs too.


While most installation costs can be planned, it can be all too easy to miss something. Not only do you have to ensure you have covered the cost of installing the screen on a wall, ceiling or mount, the costs of cabling have to be considered too and this can be hiked if there is no power supply readily available.


The environment the screen is installed can make a large difference to the total costs if installation. Outdoors, this can rise exponentially as the price of protecting the screen from the weather, sunlight, excessive temperatures all have to be factored in. Commonly, however, these can be all dealt with by an LCD enclosure which will weather proof a conventional LCD or plasma display when it is fitted inside.


Security is also essential for outdoor digital signage, or for screens placed in unsupervised locations, and has to be accounted for. A damaged screen costs more than just the replacement as it is losing money every day the screen is blank. Ensuring the device is resistant to vandals, impacts and attempts and theft is a hidden cost that should not be missed. Again, LCD enclosures provide a comprehensive solution for physical protection.

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