Five Reasons for using Outdoor Digital Signage

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Over the last decade, LCD screens have gone from being the latest must have for the front room, to adorning our shopping malls, airports and even our high streets as outdoor digital signage. But placing a screen in an outdoor location costs money. Even with a standard device in an LCD enclosure, a more cost-effective way than bespoke outdoor digital signage devices, there is still going to be some initial costs to bear. So why bother?

Outdoor digital signage has several benefits.

Well, outdoor digital signage can provide many benefits, which is why it is becoming so prevalent:

1. Advertising

The majority of outdoor screens are now utilized for advertising. Many of the high street billboards from the big name advertisers are being replaced by digital versions. Outdoor audiences are huge, so it makes sense for advertisers to want tap into this potential marketplace, but generating appealing content that gets noticed is still a challenge.

2. Information

Outdoor digital signage is a great way of providing people with information such as maps, public information, schedules, timetables and announcements. As uploading information is instant, outdoor digital signage provides an ideal way of keeping customers informed.

3. Entertaining

When people are forced to stand in line, giving them some form of entertainment can make it a more pleasant experience. From TV content played outside bars, to segments entertainment interlaced on to an advertising screen, enhancing a customer’s experience may ensure they come back again.

4. Brand Building

Brands are more important now than they have ever been. People often purchase items, not because of its functionality, but because of its brand. They think iPhone or Adidas rather than cell phones or sneaker. Outdoor digital signage is ideal for brand building as people may not spend too long viewing a screen in an outdoor location, but flashing a company logo or strap line is more likely to be noticed.

5. Enhancing the Environment

Static posters are still ubiquitous out of the home, but posters are easily ripped, torn, or become faded, so providing a digital alternative help provide a far better aesthetic. Using outdoor digital signage in replace of traditional media also raises the profile of a business.


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