Five Steps to Getting your Outdoor Digital Signage Screen Noticed

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With so many digital signage displays in indoor locations, more and more advertisers are taking to outdoor digital signage in a bid to get more exposure. With higher audiences and less competition this is a good idea, however, getting a display noticed outdoors can pose some challenges.

There are however, several aspects to outdoor digital signage that are worth knowing about and can go a long way in making your campaign more noticeable and more of a success:


For outdoor digital signage, size matters a lot more than for indoor screens. Typically, an outdoor sign is read from farther away than indoor displays, and often not just by those on foot as bus and taxi passengers often take notice of them.

For this reason outdoor digital signage screens need to be larger than indoor displays with sizes typically exceeding 46”, and even going as large as 70”.

Type of Screen

There are several different options when it comes to choosing the type of screen. Outdoor screens are commonly used but, strangely enough they are not a necessity as all screens can operate outside in an outdoor LCD enclosure. However, often a high brightness device is best for outdoors as it will prevent the sun from masking the brilliance of the screen, but there is little difference in using either LCD or plasma.


Choosing the right location is critical with outdoor digital signage. Signs should be positioned ideally facing an oncoming audience and should be clearly visible and not tucked out of the way. High footfall areas are by far the best location as are busy locations where people congregate (such as outside fast food eateries).


The position of the screen can make a big difference to the overall success of an outdoor digital signage campaign. The secret is to ensure the screen is facing the eyes of the oncoming audience. Eye-level is not always possible but if the screen is angled toward then you can maximise the view distance.


Nothing is more effective at ensuring noticeabliliy than good eye-catching content. Outdoor digital signage content is often different to indoor content. What works inside, doesn’t necessarily translate to outdoors. Outdoor digital signage has a briefer dwell time so any important information needs to be on the screen at all time, with the number and time of transitions and moving images reduced.

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