Five ways of Boosting Views for an Outdoor Digital Signage Screen

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Many people see digital signage as a sure-fire method of increasing sales and generating product interest. Because of the potential size of the audience, the comparative cost of implementing a digital signage display can work out as a low cost method of advertising, and even outdoors, where the extra investment of screen protection to guard against the weather and temperature, people often believe it is worthwhile because of the sheer size of the audience.

While any outdoor digital signage display used for advertising needs good content that can convert views into sales, getting the views in the first place is even more important. Just because thousands of people may pass an outdoor screen that doesn’t mean they will all take notice of it. And if the screen is badly placed, displaying poor quality content or in the wrong position, you may never get a return on the investment.

But you can take several steps to ensure people view your content and provide you with the best opportunity of making an outdoor digital signage project worthwhile.

1. Location

Place the screen in an ideal a location as possible. Placing a screen in a cluttered environment where it is partly hidden or in a location where there are too many other distractions will weaken the effectiveness of the display to generate views. While retailers are limited with the outdoor space they have, choose a location where the screen will have as much prominence as possible.

2. Angle and position

Place the screen as close to eye-level as possible, facing the oncoming audience. Angling the screen towards potential viewers maximizes the chance they will look at the screen.

3. Big and bold

Outdoor screens need to be as noticeable as possible. Often people view an outdoor screen from far away, sometimes in public transport or on the other side of the sidewalk. Catching their attention requires that the content be big and bold. Using a large screen can help as can making sure the content is as large and as bold as possible.

4. Offer the audience something

Advertisements saturate outdoor locations. With billboards, posters and other outdoor digital signage, people become desensitized to marketing messages. Providing something to encourage somebody to view the screen can drastically increase views. Providing weather information, news or the latest travel information interspersed with your advertising content can help increase views.

5. Take advantage of dayparting

Recognizing that the audience and their requirements change throughout the day can help ensure that content is more relevant. People passing  screen first thing in the morning, perhaps on the way to work, are going to have different requirements to somebody passing a screen at lunchtime, such as a shopper, so be aware of the different times of day and tailor content more specifically.



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