Flash in the Pan or is Digital Signage Here to Say?

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The use of LCD screens used out of home for advertising and information purposes has risen dramatically in recent years. Digital signage is one of the fastest growing industries but is this surge of new technology here to stay – or is it a flash in the pan?

There are many companies reticent about embarking on a digital signage campaign, worried that this advertising revolution won’t last and they will be left with holding a large investment and little return for it.

Is digital signage a flash in the pan?

However, while return on investment is never clear or straightforward when it comes to using digital screens for advertising and information, the amount of money already invested in the technology runs into billions of dollars.

There are so many companies involved in the industry that it would be impossible for the industry to peter out. Wit content designers, networkers and manufactures of screens who design products with the digital signage market in mind there is certainly no lack of support.

There is also no lack of options for where to place the screens. In the early days of digital out of home (Dooh), screens were only placed in shop windows or other such locations. However, LCD screens have now spread to numerous different locations with outdoor digital signage now a burgeoning section of the industry.

And another reason why digital signage is here to stay is the effect that it has had on other media. While LCD screens are now being used in place of traditional print media, 2D posters and other printed signs are still commonplace. So even if digital signage is usurped by another technology there will still be a place for it.

Digital advertisings, outdoor digital signage and other forms of Dooh, may have along way to go to prove its effectiveness but there is certainly no danger of the industry petering out.

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