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Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and yet still one of the most effective forms of out of home advertising. For food advertisers, outdoors is one of the most important areas to advertise in as it can provide all sorts of opportunities.

The majority of people will see outdoor advertising when we leave the home and for food retailers it provides a host of different audiences to target. From housewives, students to drivers and office workers.

Research also shows that outdoor advertising is just as effective as TV advertising and is able to target specific audiences.

Food advertisers are able to use outdoor advertising to stimulate shopping impulses, perhaps more so than any other industry as when people are hungry they are more likely to be susceptible to images of food items and meals.

With outstood digital signage, these benefits for food advertisers increase. Digital signage provides even more tantalising images to tempt purchase. Rather than static images of burgers and a cola, displaying a meal with hot steam emitting from a plate or cold condensation dripping down a glass, provides a tempting image to hungry shoppers.

Outdoor digital signage can also display content at scheduled times. This is a real boon for food retailers who find meal times obviously the busiest times. A fast food restaurant can advertise breakfast to commuters in the morning, lunch menu throughout the day, and evening meals later in the afternoon.

Other times such as during the commuter run, or when the school and college day ends are also good times to target different audiences with timed and tailored content.

More and more fast food restaurants and food outlets are now installing digital posters, digital menu boards and outdoor digital signage as the technology falls in price and the benefits for this modern out of home advertising become even more

To read about more benefits that digital signage can provide food companies, visit the Outdoor Media Centre’s Food Special.

Digital signage is great for food advertising

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