Get Involved with Outdoor Digital Signage in 2011

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The twenty-first century is well-underway now that we are embarking on the second decade and while many of the technologies that were envisioned over the last century have yet to emerge, one industry, however, that has embraced the digital age is advertising.

Digital signage has emerged as one of the fastest growing media of the digital age and is now a common sight in shopping malls, subways stations, sports stadiums, and anywhere where there are large quantities of people.

Incredibly flexible, digital signage is used not just by advertisers, who find its eye-catching capacity and ability to remotely upload content attractive, but also by information providers who need to provide real time content such as timetables, news of delays at transport hubs, and local news and weather.

And as digital signage spreads throughout concourses and shopping malls, it is now spilling out into high street too, with advertising, information and news being disseminated with outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage is even more beneficial for advertisers and information providers as there is a potential to reach even greater audiences, but the same systems used indoors can’t simply be taken outside into the elements – they require protecting.

Many outdoor digital signage systems are simple affairs. While complicated and expensive outdoor screens are now being manufactured to provide a water resistant and weatherproof systems, simpler more cost effective solutions are often preferred.

Most indoor digital signage systems comprise of just a simple LCD screen (commercial grade, commonly, but still very similar to the TVs we use at home) and an enclosure, either free standing or wall mounted digital poster frames.

For outdoor locations, the same TV devices are often used, only they are housed in better-protected enclosures. Outdoor LCD enclosures allow these indoor devices to not only function outdoors, but ensures they are protected from all weather elements, changes in temperature (from freezing winters to baking summers) and physical impacts (both accidental and deliberate vandalism).

Digital signage is modern and dynamic

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