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Floor Standing Digital signage has many advantages over traditional advertising methods. It’s more dynamic, attractive and flexible than traditional print methods.

Floor Standing digital signage is prominen

With vibrant and media-rich content that can be uploaded onto signage screens, this new advertising medium is far more effective at getting noticed that the tired and stale print posters we are so used to seeing, we hardly notice anymore.

However, many installers of digital signage do not make the most of the engaging and eye-catching nature of their DS screens; quite often placing them in the wrong place.

Common Mistakes in Siting Signage Screens

When screens were first used for advertising many digital signage installers took their siting ideas from the use of screens at railways stations or airports where they were often hung from ceilings.

However, there is quite a big difference between information and advertising screens. When people require information they actively look for it with advertising unless it is very obvious it will get ignored. And many of these first ceiling hung digital signage screens were getting unnoticed as people just walked under them.

So ensuring your digital signage is as noticeable as possible is the best method to ensure you not only get the most attention to your advertising screen as possible but it will also help assist you in making a return on your investment.

Floor Standing Digital Signage

One method of ensuring your screens are as prominent as possible is by placing them in a floor or free standing digital signage enclosure. These floor standing screens become a feature in themselves and are not only more noticeable than regular signage displays but are actually a draw for people.

Floor/free standing digital signage provides the most prominent method of ensuring your digital signage campaign is seen by as many people as possible ensuring that your digital advertising campaign is a successful as it can possibly be.

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