Getting the Best out of Digital Signage

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Using modern LCD or plasma flat screens for the purposes of digital advertising and signage, represents a substantial investment and achieving a return on investment on any digital signage campaign is crucial.

24"-70" Armagard's LCD Enclosure Range

24"-70" Armagard's LCD Enclosure Range

LCD Enclosure – can house any LCD Display

The whole idea of using digital signage and other electronic and moving billboard systems is to generate awareness, increase custom and obviously generate profit and all this has to be done on top of the initial outlay for the digital signage system.

Ensuring you get the most out of any marketing campaign is crucial especially when the initial outlay for any signage system may start in the thousands of pounds. But there are two key things to remember when embarking on a any digital signage campaign: Location and Content.

Location is vital for any signage, let alone a modern digital advertising system. But when a large investment has been made in LCD and plasma screens; ensuring your message is seen by as many people as possible is vital.

Choosing an area that is not only clearly visible to a passing audience but receives the greatest footfall is vital. Ensure screens are placed at eye level – too high or on ceilings and people will not look up – and they are clearly visible.

Outdoor digital signage will attract a higher audience than an internal system as the footfall of passers-by will be so much greater. Ensuring the outdoor digital signage is protected from the elements is a challenge for any LCD or plasma placed outdoors but it need not be expensive or troublesome as most standard LCDs can be placed inside an outdoor LCD enclosure which will protect the digital signage from wind, rain and other potentially damaging elements.

Once the ideal location for the signage campaign is identified ensuring the content is eye-catching and interesting. Use imagery, symbols and where possible sound; remember that moving images are more attractive and appealing than still images and use colours imaginatively – remember attractive content equals successful signage.

Digital signage is a great way of raising awareness and generating interest in your products and services but only if a digital signage campaign is properly planned.

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