Growing Demand for Digital Signage in Sports Stadiums

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One area where digital out of home (Dooh) is thriving is in sports stadia. More and more football, soccer and other sporting arenas are using digital signage for a multitude of purposes, ensuring that the spectator experience is as positive as possible.

Because of the great advantages of digital signage in being able to provide up-to-the-minute content, and the ability to network dozens or even hundreds of screens together, sports stadiums are now veritable digital signage jungles.

There is such a multitude of uses for digital signage in sports stadium too, including:

Scoreboard information – providing up-to-the-minute details of play ensuring latecomers and those taking a bathroom or meal break are kept informed on the progress of the big match or game.

Ticketing information – displaying the prices and timetables for upcoming events so spectators can be kept informed of seat availability and the next fixtures.

Advertising – generating extra revenue for the sport’s clubs who provide large audiences for advertisers that can target everything from merchandise to fast-food offers.

The only challenge in many sports stadiums and arenas is that they are not really the ideal location for an LCD or plasma display. Often cold, draughty, and sometimes exposed to the elements, most screens used in these sorts of environments need to be protected.

Many sports stadiums are now looking to LCD enclosures for this very protection. These are ideal as the sports stadiums can source whatever screens and networking systems they require and can be confident that they will fit inside the LCD enclosure.

Designed with industry standard VESA mounting, almost any commerical or consumer grade flat-screen device, whether it be an LCD, plasma or LED back-lit TV, can be placed inside.

LCD enclosures enable these screens to positioned anywhere, either inside the stadium itself or outdoors. They are not only weatherproof but can endure temperature ranges from below zero to extremely hot conditions.

Because of this protection, LCD enclosures are being deployed in NFL stadiums, European football arenas, ice-hockey stadiums, gymnasiums, tennis courts and a wide range of other locations.

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