Growing use of Outdoor Digital Signage in Aquariums and Zoos

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Outdoor digital signage and the use of LCDs screens in locations outside the home is now common place. Nearly all of us have seen advertisements being relayed on the bus, in a shopping mall or from an outdoor digital signage screen. However, advertising is not the only reason people are using digital screens out of home.

Information provision is another reason that people choose to adopt digital signage. LCD screens are so much better for providing facts and information that print media. Not only can you accompany text with images and even moving pictures but also you are not restricted to one page. Multiple pages of information can be relayed one after the other and combined with a touch screen you can even have the information provided on demand.

Zoo digital Signage (DS screen and picture by Winmate)

Some locations where this technology is being implemented are in zoos, aquariums and museums. These educational attractions find that digital signage not increases their ability to communicate with patrons and customers; providing them with all relevant information, but it also increases the customer’s experience.

Outdoor Digital Signage

And it’s not just in indoor locations where digital screens can provide this information service either. Outdoor digital signage allows the safe use of screens in outdoor locations. These have to be waterproof to cope with the demands of the weather and have to be rugged to prevent accidental damage.

Aquarium digital signage (DS screen and picture Brightside)

Waterproof LCD enclosures are a good solution for this as they house standard commercial grade screens preventing the need to spend money on often highly priced outdoor TVs and monitors.

Protection from humidity and heat

And even insect and reptile houses can install digital signage screens too as many protective LCD enclosures can provide cooling systems (and even air conditioning) and other measures to allow the screens to be used in even the warmest and humid of environments.

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