High Brightness and Commercial Screens – Reviewed

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With the boom of outdoor digital signage and outdoor TV systems the growing need for high brightness and commercial grade televisions is widening.

Standard TV devices can often be used in outdoor locations (as long as they are protected by an outdoor LCD enclosure) however, under direct sunlight and n high brightness areas the screen can become washed out, difficult to read and can even reflect glare.
Direct sunlight can also cause over heating and screen burn requiring measures to prevent this (often by using cooling systems inside the LCD enclosure).There are measures that can be taken to limit the problem of washout such as using anti-reflective tints or placing the screen under a canopy.

High brightness and commercial grade screens have traditionally been a lot more expensive that standard LCDs (although still a fraction of the cost of waterproof outdoor TVs), however, over the years, manufacturers have realized the need for high-brightness screens and while they are still perhaps double to triple the cost of a standard TV the price is falling all the time.

These commercial grade televisions are also built to last longer than standard devices and can cope better with being left constantly left on. Combined with a waterproof LCD enclosure or other weatherproof digital signage enclosure they can provide a cost effective but extremely efficient outdoor digital signage system.

Here are some recommended high brightness and commercial grade televisions:

46” Samsung High Brightness

Samsung High Brightness TV

The Samsung 460DRn 46″ outdoor LCD panel is an extremely high brightness level of 1500 nits (triple that of a standard TV) ensuring your messages will be impactful even in bright outdoor environments.

47” JVC professional

JVC’s 47” GM-F Display series is perfect for professional applications where reliability, robustness and high image quality is important, e.g. security and control room application, digital signage solutions in market, shops, hotels etc. public, school, museums, broadcast viewing and control, office or bulletin boards.

JVC Professional

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