How Complicated is Digital Signage?

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One thing that puts many people off getting involved with digital signage is the complexity of installing the technology. With a need for screens, media players, servers, networking, software, content generation, mounting and connecting the screens together, a digital signage project can prove a daunting prospect.

LCD enclosure make outdoor digital signage simple

And when screens have to go outside, the complexity of outdoor digital signage only compounds the problem with the need to protect the devices, not just from the weather but from temperature and vandalism too.

Specialists, who for a fee (often quite a large one) set up the network for you, maintain the system and take responsibility for of all the problems that can occur, install most large-scale digital signage networks.

This makes digital signage an expensive prospect, far out of reach of many small businesses who just want a few screens to assist in communication, marketing or branding. However, digital signage needn’t be either complicated or expensive as several low-cost and simple solutions are available.

Digital Posters

A digital poster is an all-in-one digital signage system that is simple to install and simple to use. Containing the screen and media player, content is uploaded through a USB slot enabling the use of the digital poster straight away. Just mount, turn on, upload content using a USB stick and the digital sign will begin playing.

Digital posters are ideal for small-scale digital signage projects. These portrait mode screens require little technical ability to set up and use enabling all sorts of businesses and institutions to take advantage of digital signage.

Outdoor Digital Signage

One method of reducing the cost and complexity of outdoor digital signage is to use standard display screens housed in outdoor LCD enclosures. LCD enclosures provide all the weather, temperature and physical protection to allow “normal” screens to function in outdoor environments.

The enclosure can also protect media players or small factor PCs to provide an all-in-one outdoor digital signage system without the excessive costs of outdoor screen.

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