How Digital Signage can Help in an Emergency

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Emergencies are one area where digital signage can play an altruistic role in providing assistance in times of emergency.

The recent spree shooting in the UK’s Northern county of Cumbria, as well as the spate of similar incidents in schools, colleges and military barracks in the USA are a good example.

Communication in these sorts of situations can save lives and this is where digital signage really comes into its own.

During these tragedies, it is often a criticism that there has been a lack of warning. During a recent American college shooting, the perpetrator was on campus for several hours and several of the people that were killed an injured could have been warned earlier if only there was an effective communication system.

Outdoor digital signage could have assisted in this situation. The signage displays could provide the warning not to enter the area in real time across all the location ensuring that people that arrive during the incident do not become casualties.

And, it is not just in these shooting incidents where digital screens, particularly outdoor digital signage can save lives.

Fire is all too common and can be catastrophic in high-rise, skyscrapers and large-scale public buildings. Fire alerts, too, can be broadcast on digital signage.

Digital signage is useful in emergencies

Severe weather can cause tragedies in many parts of the world – and often with little warning. However, in areas that are vulnerable to events such as tornadoes or tsunamis, outdoor digital signage can provide warnings that would not be possible with other media.

Often people may not have heard the TV or radio broadcasts and without digital signage there is just no other way of warning them.

The great advantage of outdoor digital signage is that emergency warnings can be uploaded centrally, in real-time without the need to post up the information. Often, digital signage can also reach people that it would be impossible to warn otherwise.

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