How Digital Signage is Changing Education

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While the Dooh (digital out of home) market and the digital signage industry are centred around advertising, there are a multitude of different uses for implementing both indoor screens and outdoor digital signage.

And the use of screens is changing many of the traditional ways we do things, and there is no more relevant case in point than its use in education.

The humble blackboard is now going the way of the slate and is being usurped by the interactive whiteboard but that is not the only place where technology is creeping into education.

Digital signage is being implemented in several areas of schools and for several reasons. Over the last fifty years, most schools have expanded exponentially with many high schools, comprehensives and secondary schools having populations in their thousands. Filtering information to students is extremely difficult with such high numbers. While traditional noticeboards and PA systems in larger schools have been used these are only effective to a point.

Digital signage in a school

Noticeboards require the information to be physically posted up, and with the size of some state schools that can cause logistical problems; while PAs are only effective when pupils are there to hear it. The beauty of digital signage is that information can be uploaded immediately and filtered to screens throughout the school. They can also be used for multiple purposes, from providing scores in the gym to displaying the lunch menu.

Outdoor digital signage is also being used in schools and other educational establishments. Many schools are no longer just places for student learning as they play important roles in local communities providing sports facilities, adult learning and other services.

Providing details and information on outdoor digital signage is an effective way of ensuring people outside the school are made aware of important events and schedules for services.

Emergency information is another reason outdoor digital signage is being used in schools and colleges; following unfortunate incidents at American colleges it became clear that campus warnings were wholly inadequate. Outdoor digital signage is perhaps the best method of providing crucial and emergency on-campus information as it is able to respond in real-time to incidents.

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