How LCD Enclosures Protect Outdoor Screens

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Used to protect screens in outdoor environment, LCD enclosures provide a comprehensive form of protection for outdoor digital signage, information screens and outdoor entertainment screens.

Normal screens can’t operate in outdoor locations due to the weather, extremes of temperature and risk of vandalism and theft. Using LCD enclosures for an outdoor screen provides a comprehensive form or protection, guarding against all these risks.


Weather elements, including rain, snow, hail and even windblown dust, can all disable a standard LCD screen. LCD enclosures provide a waterproof housing that prevents all these elements from getting inside and damaging the display.

Made to European IP ratings (NEMA 4) that ensure no ingress of water and other elements, the design of an LCD enclosure provides all-round weatherproofing while still permitting a flow of air into the enclosure to carry heat away and prevent condensation build-up.


LCD enclosures contain climatic systems ensuring a stable and constant temperature inside the enclosure no matter what the ambient conditions.

By using components such as cooling fans, insulation, heaters and even air conditioners, LCD enclosures ensure that a screen can operate in almost any location no matter the outside temperature, or the variation of temperatures during seasonal changes.

Physical Protection

As many outdoor screens find themselves in unsupervised and unmanned locations, physical protection is crucial to avoid the cost of replacements and repair caused by attempts at theft or vandalism.

Made from steel, LCD enclosures provide a strong steel barrier that prevents damage caused by impact. With shatterproof screens, the face of the display is also protected, while the lockable enclosure provides security against theft and tampering.

As LCD enclosures house standard display types, from sizes ranges from 20” to 70” +, LCD enclosures enable a cost effective and flexible method of outdoor digital signage, deploying outdoor information screen, or using an outdoor TV.

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