How Much Does Outdoor Digital Signage Cost?

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With digital signage being one of the fastest growing media industries, with signs a common sight around airports, shopping malls and retail stores, more and more screens are also being placed outdoors.

Outdoor digital signage can generate far more views than indoor screens with footfall in outside locations far higher than those indoors—not just from passersby and shoppers, either, but outdoor digital signage is viewable to those travelling by on public transport and other vehicles.

One aspect to outdoor digital signage that is not a positive, however, is the cost, with higher overheads and investment required for an outdoor screen in comparison to an indoor installation.

Part of the higher costs are due to the difficulties in wiring power and networks in an outdoor area, but these can pale to the cost of protection, maintenance and repair that an outdoor digital signage display requires.

Outdoor screens need a whole of host of protection that an indoor display doesn’t; the weather, temperature, sunlight and vulnerability to vandalism all needs consideration, which is what bumps up the initial investment.

Many outdoor digital signage displays utilise outdoor TV systems. Designed for outdoor use, these systems do come with a hefty price tag, often costing many times more than a comparable indoor screen.

While these outdoor screens offer adequate weather protection and usually have high temperature ranges, they still require physical protection to defend against impact and vandalism—another addition to the initial cost.

Despite the amount of protection needed by an outdoor digital signage screen, simpler and more cost-effective solutions exist that combine all these protective elements into one—LCD enclosures.

An LCD enclosure is a weatherproof housing that allows standard TV devices to be taken outdoors. Not only do they defend against the weather but they provide the physical protection and contain climatic systems such as heaters, cooling fans and even air-conditioning to ensure the internal conditions are at the optimum for the screen.

Used in many outdoor locations for providing outdoor digital signage, the cost savings of an LCD enclosure can make a huge difference to the initial outlay of embarking on outdoor digital signage.

Floor mounted LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures can generate savings in outdoor digital signage


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