How Much Punishment can your Digital Signage Take?

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The explosion of digital signage in recent years has turned this niche market into a mainstream industry worth several billions each year. TV systems are being implemented in all sorts of places for a multitude of purposes including advertising, brand awareness and information.

However, many locations that digital signage is springing up in are often unmanned, public areas. And with a rise in digital signage in outdoor locations and even industrial areas, there is a growing need for digital signage protection.

The problem with most digital signage units is that underneath the periphery, there is usually a standard LCD TV or plasma screen, the type commonly found in homes for entertainment purposes.

However, as these devices are designed for indoor entertainment they can be pretty vulnerable when sited in industrial areas, used as outdoor digital signage or just left unattended.

Protection for digital signage in these sorts of areas is vital if you are to avoid replacing screens due to accidental damage, deliberate sabotage or the effects of the elements.

Whether it’s unwanted attention from vandals attempting to smash the screen; thieves trying to remove the enclosed flat screen TV or the rain or other weather elements, a comprehensive protection solution is available in outdoor digital signage enclosures.
These waterproof LCD enclosures are not just suited fro outdoor use either. Solidly built from mild steel with tamper proof locks and anti-shatter glass they are not only completely weather proof but can withstand the types of heavy impacts and hostile elements so often found in industrial locations.

So whether you need to ensure your unmanned digital signage will still be there in the morning; ensure the local roughs don’t smash the screen or keep out the weather elements such as rain, snow or sleet, a waterproof LCD enclosure is the obvious solution.

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