How to Provide Good Quality Outdoor Digital Signage Content

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Providing content for an outdoor digital sign differs to the content on an indoor screen. Although outdoor digital signage can generate far more views than an indoor display, outdoor signs are viewed differently.

Whether the screen is for advertising, information, branding or some other reason, getting the most out of the screen is essential. Dwell times tend to be shorter outdoors, especially during bad weather. Although, outdoor screens are often viewed by people in varying situations, not just commuters, and passersby, but those travelling around in vehicles and public transport too. Furthermore, there are fewer opportunities for a captive audience, unlike displays in waiting rooms and on buses and trains, so when generating content for an outdoor screen these considerations need taking into account.


As with any digital signage display visibility is essential, but even more so with outdoor screens. Sunlight can diminish a display’s contrast and with an outdoors screen typically viewed from farther away, contrast and size make far more difference than in indoor screen.

High brightness screens are by far the best solution for an outdoor screen, and the bigger the better.


Getting the position of an outdoor display right can also make a big difference to views. Standalone screens, or totems, may be obtrusive but they provide an ‘in-your-face’ display that can’t be missed, although, they are sometimes not always practical. If using a mounted outdoor display it needs angling just right; positioned to maximize eye-level and directly facing the oncoming footfall will increase its potential. Placing a screen too high should be avoided as it’s all too common for people to walk underneath and miss it, so as near to eye-level is preferable.

Bold and Brief and Interactive

Dwell times with an outdoor screen can be very brief. Avoid long convoluted advertisements and message; simple, bold and brief will increase remembrance of the content, which should not be cluttered, and messages need to be in large clear fonts.

As has few opportunities exist for captive audiences with outdoor digital signage, providing some sort of give to the viewer to make them want to view the screen is one method of getting the most out of the screen—although there are downsides to this approach.

Providing entertainment—such as an interactive touch screen game—works for branding, but with people lingering in front of the screen it diminishes how many other people get to see the display. Providing content that people want to see, perhaps information, weather or news, which encourages people to look at the screen, will help increase views of any messages and advertisements also being displayed.

Outdoor Digital Signage Totem

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