Implementing Digital Signage in Business

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Digital signage has become a must have marketing and advertising tool for business. As a low cost method of reaching a large audience there is no better system than using display screens.
Many industries are reaping the rewards of using digital out of home (Dooh), here is how it is being implemented in many industry sectors

Perhaps the leading users of digital signage; retail has a distinct advantage over other industries in that the return on investment from a digital signage campaign can be more direct and easier to ascertain – place a screen in the window and you can literally count the extra profit.

Whilst useful in-store to help manipulate purchases; outdoor digital signage is also used for generating additional custom.

Fast food industry

Another industry that has adopted digital signage early on is the fast food restaurant business. From digital menu boards that display the menus and latest promotions to outdoor digital signage screens used for outside promotion and drive-through menus.

Banking and finance

The ability to update in realtime has proved extremely useful for the banking and finance sector where interest rates, shares and exchange rates change frequently. This sort of information used to be out of date by the time it was printed onto traditional print media but with digital signage realtime prices can be displayed.

Digital signage a new method of outdoor advertising


Another area that has adopted digital signage has been the hotel sector. Information for conference visitors, staff and guests can be provided on the hotel screens which also create a modern look, giving the hotel a sophisticated and contemporary feel.


Railway stations, platforms, bus stations and airports have been early adopters of digital signage technology. Information such as time tables can be displayed on a digital screen as can realtime information like delays and cancellations. Equally advertising can be placed on the screens to take advantage of the large captive audiences often found in these transport hubs.

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