Implementing Outdoor Screens in Busy Public Locations

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Outdoor digital signage and screens providing information, news and weather, are now a common sight in many outside locations. Flat screen devices like the LCD TV, or plasma, have fallen dramatically in price over the last few years and are now a commonly used for out of home usage.

Providing screens for public information, or advertising in the guise of outdoor digital signage, has many benefits. Firstly, it is a more modern and engaging media and looks better than many static signs and traditional methods of outdoor advertising.

Secondly, digital signage can react to real time. Important information can be relayed as it happens – this is ideal for transport companies who need to inform their customers about delays.

Finally, digital screens are flexible and dynamic which means that different content can be displayed. Adverts can be mixed with information, and multiple advertisers can be on the same screen which maximises the value of the screen.

Running a TV device outside has its problems; namely the weather elements such as rainfall and the excessive temperatures that both summer and winter can bring. Additionally, for screens located in public areas physical protection is important too.

An accidental impact from a pushchair or mobility scooter, not to mention the threat from vandals and thieves on a screen left unattended, could all lead to the screen being disabled, costing in both replacement and the downtime when the advertisements are not in operation.

For outdoor public locations a comprehensive form of protection is available to protect LCD and plasma screens from the weather elements and the risk of physical impact and attack.

LCD enclosures provide just such protection. Waterproof and built to withstand weather elements, an LCD enclosure (or plasma enclosure) will house almost any type of LCD or plasma screen, even consumer grade devices, and enable you to take them outdoors.

Furthermore, with internal climatic systems, the internal temperature and conditions of the outdoor LCD enclosure will always be at the optimum for the device. Not only that, built as these LCD enclosure are manufactured from steel, they provide physical protection too, and are able to withstand even the most determined vandal.

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