Importance of Position and Location for Digital Signage

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Digital signage is one of the fastest growing industries and is certainly the fastest growing media sector out there. More and more people and companies are jumping on the digital signage bandwagon in an attempt to make use of this effective and modern marketing tool.

However, as with any new trend, implementation can be fraught with mistakes as utilising this new medium is not as simple as just mounting a TV device on the wall.

There are many common mistakes made when first implementing digital signage and perhaps the most fundamental mistake people make is in the positioning of their TV systems.

Location is key when it comes to digital signage and no matter how colourful, entertaining or dynamic your content is, if nobody sees it the campaign will be a failure. Ensuring it is viewed by as many people as possible should be the goal of any successful digital signage campaign.

One of the most common mistakes people make when siting digital signage for the first time is the position they mount the screens. Often they are ceiling mounted to ensure they don’t take up valuable floor and wall space. However, ceiling mounting an LCD or plasma TV is extremely ineffective at getting your content noticed. A potential audience is more likely to walk underneath a ceiling mounted LCD display than they are to pay it any attention.

Eye level is the best position to erect any signage, including digital signage and the screens should also be placed in locations where audiences can’t avoid seeing the display.

As for the location itself, whilst outdoor digital signage requires waterproofing and protection, this added investment can often pay off remarkably quickly as digital outdoor  signage will be viewed by far more people than a similar indoor system.

And protecting outdoor TV systems is relatively straightforward and quite cost effective if you use a simple LCD enclosure for waterproofing and protection.

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