Importance of Preventing Digital Advertising Display Content from Going Stale

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Digital signage is a good investment. With a digital advertising display, content such as promotion material, adverts and branding can reach large audiences in a far more engaging way than with traditional methods of displaying such material. Digital signage is incredibly popular and is a far more relevant and practical method of advertising in a growing digital society. And one of the great advantages of digital signage is its flexibility, with content easily uploaded, refreshed and even. timed for specific periods.

All too often, however, many digital signage users install screens, upload content, and then forget all about their dynamic and diverse form of signage. The result is that quite often, content that isn’t refreshed regularly enough ends up getting stale and stale content becomes ineffective.

There is nothing worse than seeing a repetitive image or advert every day for weeks and months on end. Eventually, the annoyance means people deliberately ignore the message and the sign, a process known as advertising blindness. Even for screens that are just providing branding information outside the front of a business, the same stale image will eventually become invisible to people.

The fresher and more relevant the content, the more effective it is, especially in a retail store, where the same customers may come in regularly. If the same screen is displaying the same content every time somebody visits a store, it will soon become ignored, but if the digital advertising screen displays something new and fresh is each time the customer enters, the display will continue to engage the customer.

Content is key with digital signage and it doesn’t matter how fancy the digital advertising display is, or how sophisticated the content delivery software is, without regular, fresh content the screen may as well not be there.

Refreshing content doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take pains in implementing fancy graphics or witty slogans. You can even push the same promotions but just approach the content in a new way.

A simple method of keeping content fresh is to take advantage of seasonal themes. Christmas time is a perfect example, and it doesn’t take much imagination to come up with festive content, but other times of the year and other themes can be implemented into content on digital advertising displays too, such as the World Cup or Olympics, with national flags used to complement images and show support for the nation’s team.

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