Importance of Temperature Control for Outdoor Digital Signage

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LCD enclosures are used primarily by users of outdoor screens to protect their devices from the weather—allowing standard LCD televisions to be taken outside and used as outdoor digital signage.

And while weather protection is vital for using standard commercial grade screens outdoors, there is more to worry about than just rainfall in outdoor locations.

Temperature, either too high, or too low, is able to disable a modern LCD or plasma screen just as quickly as rainfall or other weather elements, for this reason outdoor digital signage enclosures need to  be able to control the temperature inside the LCD enclosure.

Extremely hot conditions can lead to LCD displays from overheating, which can either cause the screen to fail temporarily, or even permanently. Overheating is aggravated by the heat produced by the LCD itself which needs to be carried away and if ambient temperatures rise too high, then air conditioning or some other cooling system needs to be installed to ensure the screen is still in operational conditions.

The cold too, can be just as disabling for a modern LCD type screen, especially when temperatures drop below freezing. Sub-zero temperatures can lead to the freezing of components, and even permanent damage if any condensation is allowed to freeze within the LCD.

To combat the extreme cold, heaters are deployed inside LCD enclosures and often a form of insulation, which helps trap heat inside the enclosure. These systems have to be thermostatically controlled as a heater that comes on when temperatures are not low enough will cause the screen to overheat.

Often, outdoor screens need to be equipped with both hot and cold climatic systems as seasonal variations can see screens overheat in the summer and yet freeze in the winter. This is why LCD enclosures are often used for outdoor digital signage as they provide the flexibility to allow standard screens operate in almost any location, no matter what the temperature is.

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