IMS: Retail Remains Top for Digital Signage, Outdoor Expected to Expand

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Retail is still the biggest user of digital signage and will remain so over the next decade, according to recent research, but outdoor digital signage will increase dramatically.

Outdoor Digital Signage Set to Increase "Significantly"

Independent market researchers, IMS, say that retail, which accounts for just under a quarter of all digital signage hardware and software expenditure, will continue to remain the biggest vertical for the industry but will not grow as fast as others will.

IMS also say that outdoor digital signage, while lagging behind the indoor sector is soon to increase dramatically.

Shane Walker, director of the consumer electronics group at IMS, said: “While it is still true that the majority of advertising spend is not in outdoor displays, let alone outdoor digital signage, we expect this to change significantly as urbanization continues and as advertisers recognize the need to reach their audience beyond the living room, where usage of digital video recorders is increasing.”


The retail spend on digital signage is worth $5 billion globally. Retailers receive many benefits from using screens for promotion and marketing, which is the reason they are the biggest users.

Digital screens enable retailers to provide highly visible promotion and branding. For Chain stores, digital signage ensures that date sensitive promotions take place at the same time in each store, rather than having to wait for printed media to arrive.

More to Outdoor

With an expected increase in outdoor digital signage, more and more retailers will utilise outdoor screens to expand further their promotion and branding. Already, displays in store windows and outdoor digital screens situated in front of house are more common, with outdoor digital signage growing rapidly in many countries.




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