Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage – The essential differences

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Whilst the principles and applications behind indoor and outdoor digital signage remain similar the two types of out of home advertising are completely different in many regards but the technology and hardware required is completely different.

The demands on outdoor digital signage are completely different to those of indoor systems and unless proper consideration is put into these, problems can occur which can diminish any potential return on investment by having to raise extra revenue to replace and repair screens.


One of the first considerations that should be looked at is the ambient temperature that the digital screen has to operate in. Indoor locations are at similar temperatures to those of our homes which matches the optimum temperature range that LCD and other flatscreen TVs are is designed to function in.

However, in outdoor locations the ambient temperature can vary dramatically from sub zero temperatures in the winter to extreme heat in the summers. Both extremes of temperature need to be considered when using outdoor digital signage so installation of heaters and/or cooling systems have to be included inside the digital signage enclosure to keep the screen operation in the correct temperature range.

Weather Protection

Weather is not a consideration with indoor screens but it is an obvious concern when using outdoor digital signage. Rain is perhaps the biggest factor as any moisture that gets inside the LCD enclosure will easily damage an LCD TV. Digital outdoor LCD enclosures are often designed to European IP65 and USA NEMA 4 standards to ensure can be used in rainfall.


Sun glare is also something that indoor systems do not have to contend with but in outdoor locations sun glare can cause two serious problems. Firstly, the sun’s reflection can prevent the screen from being readable which means either an anti-glare or sun readable screen or cover needs to be used but also the sun’s rays can directly damage the screen and measures such as air curtains (flow of air over the screen) have to be employed to prevent permanent screen damage.


Another consideration with outdoor digital signage that doesn’t really affect indoor systems is their toughness. Accidental and deliberate impacts are more likely in outdoor locations as is attempted theft so protection for outdoor digital signage should extend to these areas too.

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