Indoor or Outdoors – LCD enclosures offer flexible digital signage solution

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Following the recent commercial explosion of digital signage systems we now see  LCD and plasma screens everywhere. Because of the growing use of digital signage a growing number of manufacturers are building plasma and LCD enclosure for protection of these systems.

LCD enclosures vary from simple tin boxes aimed at protecting LCD TV’s  from knocks and bangs to elaborately temperature controlled environments that offer waterproof protection and a sealed against airborne particles. These systems are ideal when signage has to be used in harsh or hostile areas such as a factor floor or located outside.

Being waterproof an LCD enclosure is ideal for outdoor use. Protected from the elements and often containing temperature controls such as circulation fans and heaters these digital signage enclosures allow the LCD to be used outside no matter the weather.

If the digital advertising system is to be left unattended then LCD enclosures offer adequate protection against thieves and vandals. The solid steel casing is often more than enough to deter the most determined vandal and with tamper proof locks, some LCD enclosures are pretty much thief proof too.

Even heavy industrial areas can benefit from these enclosures. The enclosures protect not only against the harsh elements often found in these locations such as dust, water, dirt, oil and grease but also their solid steel design will defend from any heavy impact.

LCD enclosures, fitted with the correct climatic control can also be placed in hot rooms and chillers – even freezers.

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