Industries that Deploy Digital Signage

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Often, when looking to invest in a new product or service, it helps to discover what other types of businesses are using it and how it has worked for them. Digital signage is no different and whether you are looking for a simple display screen to promote in-house products or are looking to make a major investment in an outdoor digital signage network, it helps to discover how other people are using the technology.

Retail – The retail sector is perhaps the widest user of promotional display screens. Retailers find the technology has many benefits for them, especially regarding the flexibility of digital screens.

Promotional items can be changed, depending on demand, instantly with content uploaded in real-time. Digital signage content can also be scheduled or tailored for specific customers such as the lunchtime crowd.

Digital signage in a school

Advertising – Being an advertising medium it is no surprise that advertisers have also been quick to take advantage of the digital signage boon. The great advantage for advertisers is that each screen can be used to display multiple advertisements so advertisers can maximize the revenue from a single advertising spot.

As content can be uploaded remotely, digital signage is very cost effective, not requiring technicians to replace content making even outdoor digital signage a cost effective alternative to traditional printed advertisements.

Transport – The transport industry was also very quick to get involved in digital signage. As the transport sector were already using screens as a form of information provision, the step to implementing them for more advertising and promotional aspects was a simple one.

For transport companies they have two great benefits. Firstly, commuters on a train, platform, bus or other public transportation network, are captive. Passengers in a waiting room have little choice but to view the content that is displayed in front of them. The other advantage for transport is the sheer size of an audience with many transport hubs being some of the busiest areas of our towns and cities.

Education – And educators have found digital signage and display screens a great way to communicate to large numbers of students, staff and teachers.

Either indoor screens or outdoor LCDs aid communication, a task normally found difficult in campuses, where the number of people the information has to be distributed around is very high. Digital screens allow important information to be uploaded centrally and all displays on a campus site can relay the content – ensuring the maximum number of people possible view the information.

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