Installing Digital Signage – Avoiding the Pitfalls

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With so many companies and businesses taking advantage of digital signage many people are considering a foray into this new media themselves. However, any digital advertising campaign will require an initial outlay and caution is advised otherwise any return on investment from installing digital signage may be difficult to accomplish.

However, when embarking in digital signage there are five key areas, that if you adhere to, you should increase the chance of creating a successful digital signage campaign.

Goals for installing Digital Signage

It is important you are clear as to what you want the digital signage campaign to accomplish; is it for advertising; increasing brand awareness or relaying important information? Whatever the purpose behind your digital signage campaign it is important to be clear before you start as the type of campaign will affect the type of content and other aspects of the campaign.

Digital Signage Content

Content is perhaps the most important aspect of any digital signage campaign. Regardless of the types of screen, location or the size of potential audience; if the content is dull and not engaging it will be ineffective to whatever purpose you designed it for. When coming up with content its important to be as eye-catching as possible. Remember moving images and bright colors will be more engaging that stills or dull looking content.

Content delivery

Delivering the content to the digital signage screens can be really simple. For small scale signage campaigns of one or two devices content can be fed using a small media player or flash drive type device. The content can be uploaded in advance and looped to provide continual content. However, for true flexibility and for networks of multiple digital signage displays a networked system will have far more advantages such as changing content remotely or synchronizing several screens together for a real dynamic campaign.


You have your content; you have found a method of uploading it and you are clear as to what you want your digital signage campaign to achieve. It’s now time to site the devices and this is where many people undo all the preparation and hard work. Location and position of the screens is integral to a successful campaign. No matter how attractive the content, if it’s not easily visible then it will not be seen.

Always ensure displays are as close to eye level as possible. If digital signage is hung too high from ceilings then potential audiences will probably walk under it rather than look up at it.

Outdoor digital signage is also worth considering as no mater how many people that you can get through your doors, more will be walking past. Consider using space outside as a method of attracting a wider audience.

Digital Signage Protection

All digital signage needs to be protected as any LCD or plasma devices you are using for the purposes of advertising or information will have a high initial outlay. Preventing accidental damage, attacks by thieves and attempts at theft is vital if you are to prevent having to regularly replace screens.

Outdoor digital signage also needs to be protected against the elements and all-weather waterproof LCD enclosures are ideal for such a purpose.

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