Internal Communications using Digital Signage

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Communicating with employees is an important aspect to every business. Changes in procedure, company policy or important new and information needs disseminating to all staff in a businesses, but when a company employs hundreds or thousands of people in large facilities or over different sites, internal communication can prove problematic.

Digital Signage is ideal for internal comunication

While modern technologies such as email or SMS provide effective means of communicating with staff, they are not without their disadvantages. Not every employee may be in possession of a mobile phone, and likewise, not every employee has access to or regularly checks his or her email.

Traditional forms of communication such as noticeboards and memos can take time for information to disseminate and are not suitable for delivering messages quickly and effectively.

Digital signage displays communicate clearly and effectively in a whole manner of different employee locations. From office complexes to warehouse and distribution hubs, indoor locations to outdoors, digital signage provides an efficient and noticeable form of messaging.

The strengths of digital signage for internal communication include the ability to upload messages instantly, transmitting them to multiple screens, often across multiple locations. As a vivid, visual form of communication, digital signage provides effective communication in all manner of locations, even when noise levels are high, and with screens placed at strategic locations, communicating with all employees is possible.

Successful internal communication using digital signage involves remembering several key aspects. Firstly, the screens need locating in the right place; screens tucked around a corner or in non-prominent locations may mean the messages are never read.

Secondly, important messages need repeating. Just flashing up content once or twice is not going to be effective, especially if the message is an important one. Repetition is essential for ensuring employees absorb the information.

Finally, digital signage displays need protecting, especially in warehouse environments or outdoor locations. An unprotected screen could fail as weather elements in outdoor locations, and temperatures, dust and other hazards in warehouse facilitates could disable the display.

With a decent display system protected in an all-weather digital signage enclosure, internal communication can become more effective leading to better productivity and efficiency.


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