IP65 and NEMA 4 – Standards for Outdoor Digital Signage

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One of the fastest growing areas in the digital out of home (Dooh) market is the use of outdoor screens. Outdoor digital signage is a long way behind its indoor counterpart, but the sector is experiencing steady growth, year-on-year.

One of the major challenges with outdoor digital signage is protecting the hardware. Standard commercial grade screens can’t be simply taken outdoors and expected to perform. The first rainstorm will see the screen fail, as commercial screens are only designed for dry, indoor areas and will only operate within a small temperature window.

Outdoor TVs are one solution for an outdoor area, although increasingly outdoor digital signage installers turn to LCD enclosures that house standard commercial screens but ensure they are protected from the elements.

Whichever method you look at to employ in an outdoor area, there are certain standards and guidelines that you should be aware of to ensure the device will cope outside – IP65 and NEMA 4.


IP65 is the European standard issued to electronic enclosure manufacturers to indicate the ingress protection the device has. In general, IP65 is the standard thyat outdoor digital signage users should be looking for as it protects from falling rainfall, splashes, dust and other elements but an IP65 LCD enclosure or TV will still allow air to circulate from underneath (often through a clever filtration system to prevent water getting inside) top prevent over-heating.

NEMA 4 (x)

There is a similar rating system in the USA too. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) guidelines also dictate the conditions a device can work in and although the two rating systems use different criteria in their assessment of outdoor enclosures, NEMA 4 (or NEMA 4 x for added corrosion resistance) is the standard that outdoor digital signage should adhere too.

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