Largest Outdoor Digital Signage Display – but does size matter?

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US gambling resort Atlantic City now boasts the world’s largest outdoor digital signage display, according to Harrah Resort who have just installed a 500 feet tall screen.

The display is actually the side of their building which has had LED lights built into it on all four exterior walls allowing the screen to be seen from over a mile away in all directions.

This latest record breaking outdoor digital signage display is the latest in recent claims to have built the largest screen with the Dallas Cowboys’ giant outdoor display being boasted as the previous largest sized outdoor screen – but is this race for expansiveness actually worth while?

Why size matters

Size is a key method of getting noticed, especially in outdoor locations. Due to the rise of digital signage and the use of screens out of the home, we are too used to seeing TVs, so making it stand out is one way of getting it noticed and size is one method of doing so.

Most large scale screens such as the new Atlantic City display are based on LEDs but as flat screen TV technology is advancing, more and more larger sized LCD and plasma screens are being used for outdoor digital signage.

These have the advantage over Led screens in that the image has no pixilation and with modern High Definition technology these giant LCD screens can also play HD content providing far better image quality than LEDs can ever manage.

LCD Enclosures

Keeping these screens protected in an outdoor location is the task of the outdoor LCD enclosure and these are also growing in size; 70” LCD enclosures are commonly available.

LCD enclosures allow almost any make or model LCD or plasma screen to be taken outdoors, protecting them from the weather, temperature and impacts.

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